Valentines Weekend in Indianapolis

Wow, this was definitely a Valentine’s weekend to remember. Not only that, it was our first spent together. My boyfriend was in Indianapolis for training and of course I flew to see him. There was no way we could have our first Valentine’s Day a part. So the day started off pretty mellow. I woke up, ate my oatmeal (the one from the little packets – brown sugar of course) and got ready for the day. He had to be in the facility by 6am so I wouldn’t see him until around noon. Before I knew it he was on his way and showed up with beautiful flowers (picture below). Little did I know that was just the beginning. Dave & Busters was the next stop. For those of you who don’t know, it’s like an adult Chucky Cheese with drinks and yummy treats.

Fire Monon was the dinner choice, but I must say for the both of us that it was not the best. I ordered nachos and the chips were kind of burnt and the seating is really close. On the bright side, the fire created a romantic vibe, but we won’t be returning to that little private restaurant. The Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indy was still open after dinner so we rushed over there (I needed to give him his surprise). The woman at Saks Fifth Avenue was so welcoming and helped him pick out the perfect Gucci wallet – my treat! He also suprised me with a rose gold Marc Jacobs watch. Did I mention how much I love Marc Jacobs? It was already a special night, but then we finished it off with the premier of 50 Shades of Grey. Thoughts on the movie? I wasn’t really a fan. It kind of moved slowly and I hadn’t read the books prior. Hoping the next one will be better.

Anyway, as we get home (to the hotel of course), he gives me the keycard which I thought was weird because he always opens the door first and I walk in and turn the corner and no words come out. I instantly blush and sit on the ground to take off my shoes. It probably wasn’t the best reaction but I wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. The bed was covered in rose petals and two doves with a card. No words could describe how lucky I felt. It was perfect.

We continued the weekend by stopping by the Indianapolis Museum for some art and relaxation. We’ve never done that before so it was something new and fun. Since it was the middle of winter it was a steady 20 degrees, way colder than Cali weather I’m used to. Gloves and a hat were definitely a necessity. The downtown area of Indianapolis was okay. I mean what can you really expect in the middle of nowhere? The Circle Center Mall was really nice though and had a cool mini glow golf course that we stopped by. They also had a really good selection of stores and food. The last picture below is downtown Indy. Overall it was fun to experience a new place with my favorite person, but again, I think we can both agree that we wouldn’t pick to live there. Unless his career required it of course.

Yours Truly,



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