Spring Break with Disney

My boyfriend surprised me with a two-day Disneyland trip for our Spring Break vacation. We had a blast! Churros are always a must wherever you go, and the churros in Disneyland are the best. Do you know what else a must in Disneyland is? The Minnie Mouse ears. I got the red and black babies to add to my collection.

Space Mountain and Indiana Jones were the first two stops as far as the rides go. The lines were pretty busy which we expected since it was Spring Break, but we still managed to fit in every ride before heading over to California Adventures. I will not go on Tower of Terror. The idea of an elevator free falling down multiple flights just freaks me out. I bet you’re wondering why we even bought the hopper pass if we weren’t going on that. Well, if you haven’t seen the Aladdin show you are not doing the Disney vacation right! The genie is HILARIOUS and comes up with different jokes every show. The creativity is incredible with a huge walking elephant and all different beautiful costumes. There is never a dull moment and it truly is great for all ages.

With only one day in Disneyland we knew we had to jump at the opportunity for another churro before we left. We had been seeing this churro ice cream sandwich all over Instagram for weeks before, so we knew we had to try it. It was a complete disappointment. The warm churro melts the ice cream too fast and before you know it you have a soggy churro, and ice cream soup. I know the picture looks good but trust me; these will not be around long. Stick with the normal churros, or maybe try the Oreo kind. Those didn’t look like a complete disaster.

Overall, it was a great trip. Disney is always a good idea.

Yours Truly,



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