Bodega Bay

A day at Bodega bay with my best friend was just what I needed. This beautiful ocean town in Northern California has the best salt water taffy, and the cutest little colorful shops. Bodega Bay also has a ton of restaurants to choose from if you’re hungry for a quick bite, or a luxurious evening dinner by the water.

Not only that, this town has a handful of beaches to choose from. There are regular flat beaches where you can play in the sand and tan on your towel (although it does get pretty cold since it is Northern California), so you probably won’t be doing much of that. Then there are rocky beaches for those who like to explore through tide pools, looking for starfish and other water creatures. These beaches make for great adventure pictures too.

The atmosphere at Bodega Bay is so calm and relaxing, perfect for the ultimate getaway. If you get a chance and want a day at the beach, go visit this beautiful escape!

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