Cancun, Mexico

Cancun for Valentine’s Day Weekend? Of course! I have never been to Mexico so the idea of sipping on pretty pink drinks and laying out by the pool with my boyfriend in 80 degree weather sounded amazing! Not to mention in the middle of winter! The process to get our passports ready in time was quite the fiasco but once we were set to go, it started to sink in that we were headed to Mexico.

The flight to Mexico wasn’t that bad (we flew United), but once we got there we had to wait an hour to go through customs and then another hour and a half to get a taxi ride to the resort. I’m also pretty sure we got overcharged and should have just tipped the guy at the line but at least we know for future trips.

Once we got to the resort I was greeted with a beautiful rose and everyone was super helpful and welcoming. We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort, it was absolutely breathtaking and right on the beach. Did I mention it was all-inclusive and filled with plenty of amenities? The room was also just as amazing. The rooms had a mini bar stocked with yogurts and food and there was also a pull-out drawer with drinks on tap. That is just the beginning though, in the middle of the room there was a jacuzzi perfect for Valentine’s weekend. The view from the room was of the beautiful courtyard with greenery, roses and the ocean! Each patio had a hammock facing the ocean so you can imagine we spent our down time laying there. One of my favorite things about the room had to be the CHI products they had though. My hair needs that protection and I’ve never been in a resort with this brand, so I was pretty ecstatic.

The resort had about seven different pools so the majority of our trip was spent in the water. The swim-up bars were so convenient and the buffets were awesome. They had live music, water games and surfing all day. We were able to go jet skiing on the resort (for a little fee) and it was so scary! Imagine going for the first time with someone else who’s also never done it, and they are going as fast as possible! The salt water was splashing all over our faces and every time we hit a huge wave I’d fly in the air about 4 feet. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun though. It was quite the adrenaline rush and I loved being able to enjoy something new with my love. After jet skiing we went straight to their mini golf course they had. Later that night we went to the nightclub in the hotel called Noir. There weren’t many people and not the best music but with the group we went with, we had fun.

Another night we decided to branch out of the resort and head to a night club/show called Coco Bongo. The nightclub plays one to two songs then it transitions to a performance with dancers. The club has confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling and is very entertaining. It is a little more on the expensive side (because we got a VIP section) and it is super packed but it was cool to see. We probably wouldn’t go again however.

Overall the trip was a huge success! We met some great people and had a nice little getaway.

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