Orlando was a whole different experience compared to Tampa Bay. We decided to stay at this place called Caribe Cove. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for somewhat affordable with a lot of space (and close to everything).

We got a cool place in the back of the resort and our backyard view was this body of water… it took us about 30 minutes to realize there is a good possibility that there are gators in that “beautiful backyard” of ours. We had to confirm, so on our way out we stopped at the front desk to see if they had ever seen anything back there. The guy said “yes there are alligators” without even blinking an eye!!! Apparently the rule of thumb is “every body of water has a gator in it”. They weren’t kidding.

I then got really curious and found out that many gators are found on golf courses, crossing the highway and even in Disney World! Yeah everyone, you read that right! Gators in Disney World. “The happiest place on earth”. So everytime you’re on Splash Mountain don’t stick your fingers in the water, you never know what might be in there!!

Okay, enough of the scaring 🙂 . Disney World for the most part was pretty similar to Disneyland. They did have a bigger castle which was why we went, and a couple different rides. I was pretty disappointed because they didn’t have Indiana Jones and Space Mountain doesn’t have as many big drops they had all the other attractions. I do not suggest Lilo’s Great Escape. That was not even a ride. You literally sat in your seat in the dark and didn’t move. However, the day parade was pretty entertaining.

We also had to search the whole park multiple times for churros and only ONE stand had them in Frontierland which is weird because there is churro’s everywhere in Disneyland. Did I mention churros are my favorite? So I definitely think they could add more.

After a long day at Disneyworld, we left to have dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was my first time eating there and it’s a really big chain in the south. The food was okay and they gave you hug portions but I probably won’t choose to go there again. The fruit stand across the street however was DELICIOUS!!! If you haven’t already, try Florida strawberries! I thought California had the best but I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, Orlando treated us well and the next time I’m in town I will definitely be going on a swamp tour in hopes to see a gator. Hopefully not close up though. I wonder how safe those tours are… If anyone has ever been on one or has any fun suggestions while in Orlando, shoot me a message!

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