Los Angeles Getaway

The long awaited Simply Stylist conference in LA had finally arrived and what better way to celebrate then spend the whole weekend there? Nothing right!

My boyfriend happened to be training there that week so we thought we’d stop by Venice Beach for a little sidewalk fun. Oddly enough, as many times as I have been to Southern California, I had never been to Venice! I mean, when you think Venice, you think weird people, dirty streets and like naked people running around. It was quite the contrary when I went though, maybe it was a good day? Who knows haha. Either way, the smell of churros and “fair food” was lingering down the main strip with musicians playing on the white sand. Did I mention it was a perfect warm day? I would have to say my trip to Venice Beach was a success. We were able to watch the sunset along the ocean as we walked back to our car, it was a beautiful way to end my first day in LA. I had to turn in early for the big event the next day after all.

Come Saturday morning, I was so excited to head straight to the Grove for some fashion, beauty and everything glamorous at the Simply Stylist event. The speakers including some of my ultimate favorites such as Lilly Ghalichi, Morgan Stewart, Kaitlynn Carter and none other than the legendary superwoman herself, TYRA BANKS! Simply Stylist is known for bringing out the best influential leaders in the industry (as I mentioned in my Simply Stylist NY post in October). They also never disappoint when it comes to Instagram worthy picture opportunities.. aka their treat bars and balloons. However, since it was held in the movie theater, the lighting wasn’t the best so unfortunately I haven’t posted as many photos for you guys as I would have liked. But let me tell you, best advice I got from it is:
1. Don’t ever give up. Because most successful people fail three times (go bankrupt) before they truly hit their peak of success.
2. Be consistent. If you want to have a successful blog, be consistent with your posts so people feel the need to go to your website.
3. Never let someone tell you that your dreams are too big. Truth is, you can do whatever you put your mind to, and i believe that 1000%.
4. Network, Network, Network. Learning how to break out of your shell and get to know new people is very beneficial not only for your well-being, but for your career as well. I know it may seem scary, but I promise you get used to it!!
5. BE NICE TO EVERYONE! You never know who you will cross paths with again and what opportunities may arise from it. Also, being nice rocks!

Overall, Simply stylist was AMAZING! & I met some pretty awesome people at the same time (oh yeah!). Oh but wait, did i mention there was another VIP gift bag?! I LOVED the gift bag at the event in NY, but this one was full (and I mean two bags full) of amazing facial products and make up and healthy snacks and totes. It was just AWESOME. Expect to see reviews on some of the products in my tutorials on YouTube (link on Beauty page). All in all, I would say this conference was a major success! If you’re a blogger, stylist, vlogger, make up artist, or in PR, advertising or just love the industry, I highly recommend trying it one time. They are held in LA, Chicago and New York!

The rest of the weekend was spent trying new restaurants (The Stinking Rose) in Beverly hills which was so cool! You get your own tent to eat in and they had really good food. We ordered a double seafood combo and it was enough for two. As well as car shopping and walking around beautiful LA enjoying the warm sun.

Yours Truly,


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