Tampa, FL

So normally when I go to Florida I’m laying by the pool, soaking up the sun.. not this time. I happened to go right when the massive storm was happening. I mean, I was literally flying into the storm Monday night when it was said to be the worst. Little did I know there was this storm going on and by the time I did hear the news, I was already on the plane ready to take off. Did I mention there was only 50 people on the whole flight? Let me give you a visual of how big a plane actually is. The airline attendants said EVERYONE could have their OWN row. Clearly no one wanted to be flying into Tampa, am I right? So anyway, somehow we make it there safely (everyone did clap once we landed though), and I headed to my hotel. The streets were flooded and the wind was pulling the car and generally you think hey, my hotel is right on the water, AWESOME! .. Not in this case! All night I hear thunder and lightning and see the water flooding into the streets of downtown Tampa. I’m from California you guys, this is NOT normal. I repeat, this was NOT normal. I was convinced I was going to be on the first flight out of there the following morning, but I decided to stick it out and just stayed in the hotel all the following day. The next morning however, to my surprise the storm was mysteriously gone and the sun was shining. I was able to walk along the back of the beautiful Marriott hotel along the Waterfront and enjoy some sunshine. The pool was closed however and the humidity was probably at about 90%, so with just one day of my trip being sunshine I wasn’t able to do much but I’m glad I made it out safely. Overall, Tampa and the hotel was beautiful but I will enjoy it much more the next time I go, hoping there is no storm.


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