Bohemian Style Ruffle Dress

Clothes Pictured:
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Dress: Love Verity, Bag: GiGi New York

This dress is perfect for a Spring or Summer day.. and in California’s case, even a Fall day! It has great detail on the back with the three lines across and the cool tie on the back to loosen and tighten. I would say my favorite part is the ruffles though, it has a heavier feel to it and it just made me feel like a complete princess when I had it on.

I wanted to dress it down a little bit since I was just wearing it around town to run errands and such, so I paired it with my red, leather GiGi New York cross body. I was able to engrave my initials, which personalized it a bit and you can too! Their leather is impeccable.

Lastly, I kept my hair a little wavy to go with the boho vibe!


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