Lash Extensions? Yes, Please!

I didn’t think my lashes could get any shorter, so when I heard about Noir Lash Lounge, I jumped at the chance! I hadn’t done much research on eyelash extensions at the time but people kept telling me how expensive they were and that they damage your lashes and all these bad things about them. But after looking at Noir’s website and reading the reviews, I knew they were the eyelash extension PROS! That and a couple girls I knew swore by Noir Lash Lounge, so I knew they were legit!

So just like that I hopped on the extension train and made my appointment for their new location in San Francisco! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect!! The idea of someone holding my eye open for who knows how long made me cringe! This is coming from someone who can’t even put eye drops in my own eyes. haha! DeAndre literally has to pin me down and pry my eye open! No joke!

So before arriving, I made sure I was prepared mentally!.. No I’m just kidding, it wasn’t that serious. I’m just super dramatic haha. But anyways, I made sure to arrive with a clean face and when I walked in, I was greeted immediately by a warm, friendly staff member.



Once I was done filling out some basic info, I was directed to the station I would be at. They had the cutest little beds and they were super comfortable, which made the experience that much better!



After briefly discussing the kind of look I wanted, we decided on the Carte Blanche, which is where they put five to ten synthetic mink lash extensions onto a single natural lash. I wanted a dramatic look to match my personality 😉  But if you’re not as dramatic as me, or just want a more natural look, they have a bunch of different styles to choose from so I’ve linked them all here to see what you might like!



The lash style that I chose look like little fans (which you can see in the photo above). This was the last photo I got before actually falling asleep. Yep! You heard that right. I fell asleep! No shame. She taped down my lower lashes (so they wouldn’t get in the way), and then started the process. I had my eyes closed the whole time (contrary to what I had imagined) and the soft music put me right to sleep! I really didn’t feel a thing! I was so comfortable and before I knew it she was waking me up to tell me she would be removing the tape. The whole process took about an hour and a half from start to finish.

Again, I was a little nervous to see what it would look like.. but when she handed me the mirror, I loved them!! So when I sat up, she gave me some basic maintenance tips (which I’ll share below) and then I was off!




This photo was about a week later, with make up on obviously. I am going in for a new set soon and will be sure to take photos of my lashes before (short AF), after (without makeup) and about 2 weeks after, so you can see how they hold up!

I would DEFINITELY recommend eyelash extensions! No pain, super easy to get ready in the morning, and you look FABULOUS fresh out of bed! …. You could really say “I woke up like this” haha.

*  I also went to the location in Burlingame (for my fill) and they were just as AMAZING!


Tips and Maintence:

  • Don’t Rub eyes
  • Try not to sleep on face (try sleeping on your back)
  • Don’t wet face for 24 hours
  • Don’t pick or pluck lashes (self explainable I’m sure)
  • Use q-tips to gently remove makeup around eyes
  • Don’t use lotions or oils around lashes
  • Don’t use mascara (they are beautiful without)
  • You can get the gel they sell that makes them last longer (its awesome)


* Also, they require a new set after 1 fill – for health reasons.. Such a safe and clean requirement!


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