Vertical Striped Summer Dress

With Summer quickly approaching, I can only hope that this constant rain San Francisco continues to have will go away soon! And with that, bring on the dresses! I love dresses as you can see from my Instagram ! Maxi dresses, mini dresses, high-low dresses, I love them all! They just make life so easy! How many times have you just rolled out of bed, threw on a dress and headed out the door? .. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it? Of course, we have full glam on first, right ladies?

You guys, that was a test. Of course I don’t expect everyone to have full glam all the time. And for those of you who said yes to that last question, I praise you!! The truth is, if it’s the weekend, the last thing I want to do is pile on a ton of makeup. So instead I opt for a fun summer dress and go for the au-natural face! This is where my dresses come in handy.

Anyways, I found this super cute one at Nordstrom a couple weeks ago and now it’s one of my favorites! Its a wrap style dress and super lightweight, which is great for hot, Summer days. I totally had a total Marilyn Monroe moment in it too, which you can see below! I swear this was not planned!! haha

But the sleeves and light colored stripes add a little flare to the dress, along with these fun, furry heels I paired it with. Slap on some black and gold sunnies and you’re ready to go!

Get ready for more dresses headed your way!!


Vertical Striped dress

Vertical Striped dress

Vertical Striped dress

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