5 Ways I Deal With Stress

So we’ll just get right down to it. The stress is mounting and it’s been really affecting me lately, so I HAD to come up with some solid ways to try to relax! I know everyone deals with stress differently, but I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks that have really helped me.

And obviously stress isn’t good for anyone.. Especially when it starts to affect you mentally AND physically! Some people experience a loss of energy, while others start seeing a change in their physical appearance! And sometimes it’s both!

In the past I’ve experienced a few things due to stress. This time last year I lost a ton of weight (sadly this is not the case this time haha), but other times my face broke out. And I NEVER break out… so that’s how I know it’s real! lol Other times it’s a loss of appetite and the list goes on! But stressing is never good, so let’s get into these helpful tips!

5 Ways I Deal With Stress:

  1. Get A Massage! – Whether it’s a full body massage, a foot massage, or both, I find those have really been helping me to relax. Obviously I can’t go spend $100 for a full body massage every other day, so I found the next best thing.. and for a quarter of the price! If you have ever seen my Instagram stories, then you know I love me some foot reflexology! IT’S LIFE! If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor, go on yelp and search foot massage. You’re welcome!
  2. Eat The Dessert! – I don’t know about you guys, but life is WAYYY too short to not indulge in some sweets from time to time! I know everyone is on the health kick lately, I like to TRY (keyword try lol) to eat healthy too, but when I’m stressed, I also like to treat myself to a nice vanilla ice cream cone. #notsorry!
  3. Work Out! – After writing the last tip (eat the dessert), it’s kinda funny to have this one next, but I workout to eat dessert lol so it was only fitting to have it in this order. So anyways, when I’m super stressed I like to use the stair master (I don’t like the treadmill because it makes my butt small lol), so I climb stairs instead. And since the stairs are so intense, I usually forget whatever it is I’m stressing about during that 40 minute workout. It’s like a nice little break from the madness.
  4. Visit Family! – If you guys couldn’t tell already, I’m a HUGE family person.. HUGE! So a visit to my mom’s house to see my sisters and niece ALWAYS gets my mind right! ALWAYS!
  5. Call Your Best Friend! – If you’re anything like me, you tell your best friend(s) everything! Sometimes it’s just nice to get things off your chest and get some good advice from your favorite BFF’s.

*And if you’re wondering why “talk to your significant other” isn’t on here, well that’s a given. I live with D so he hears allllll about my stress haha! but now that I think about it… we might as well add it to the list!


6. Vent to your partner! – Of course, this only works if you’re stress doesn’t have to do with them haha! But I use this de-stressor probably the most out of all 6 tips!

** I also recently started meditating and it’s been nice so far, but haven’t done it long enough to put it above the ones I just listed! If you are curious about meditation though, I use an app called Breethe. But there are a ton out there! I’ll probably try a few just to see what’s out there.

*** I also used to shop mad crazy when I was stressed, but I find it just doesn’t help as much as it used to! But RETAIL THERAPY is definitely some people’s de-stressors!

topshop style

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boohoo style

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  1. Letoya B
    September 5, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    Giiiirrrrllllll, you don’t know helpful this was for me! I’m about to eat some cake and ice cream right now!!!!!