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I’ve always had a creative outlet of some sort, since a young age. I started dancing at the age of three, with ballet and over the years explored tap, jazz, modern, ballet, hula and hip hop.

My weekends also consisted of baton twirling. If I wasn’t preparing for a dance recital, I was preparing for a baton competition. Sometimes both! I was always busy! But I loved it! And while twirling stopped in 5th grade, dancing was always a constant.

So fast forward to freshman year of high school, I was still dancing and had just joined my first hip hop company. It was then that I started developing my eye for fashion. I became obsessed with finding the coolest Nike’s and every dance competition, my best friend and I would scope out who had the best shoes! 

I soon became involved in Student Government at my school and by this time, I was also taking acting classes in San Francisco, was part of two dance companies and was the captain of my Varsity cheer team. I was living the “dream” (or so I thought at 16 haha!).

However, the following year I got accepted into college and decided it was time to “get serious” and move on to more “realistic” career choices.

It all changed from there. All creative outlets had abruptly ended when I moved to college and started to pursue my degree in Business, Marketing. I started getting some corporate experience shortly after, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. I also couldn’t imagine sitting at a desk for the rest of my life.. working for someone else!

So not long after my boyfriend started living out his dream playing football, did I realize I could document my love for fashion, travel and beauty and hopefully turn it into a business!

It was a longgggg process, but once Beyond Casual B really starting taking off and looking like a viable business, I decided to quit my high-tech job in Silicon Valley and devote all my time and energy into my blog.

And now, after years of hard work and dedication, Beyond Casual B is still my full-time business and I couldn’t be happier!! Having discovered another creative outlet after not having one for so many years, just gives me so much joy! I mean, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people from all over the world, traveling to beautiful destinations, attending New York Fashion Weeks, reviewing amazing products and the just list goes on! I’m so grateful that I’m able to continue this dream and truly couldn’t imagine my life without Beyond Casual B!

Here’s a few fun facts:

I have two sisters: 11 & 30

I’m from the Bay Area! Cali Love!!!

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.

Favorite movies include: Selena, Harry Potter, Rocky and Save The Last Dance.

My favorite colors are black and red.

My family calls me “Goka” because my little sister couldn’t say Bianca when she was younger.

My mom is my QUEEN!

Favorite food: spaghetti, burgers and hmm.. shrimp! *separate of course!*

I wear leggings 90% of life.

My hair is naturally curly.

I went to Sacramento State University – Which is also where I met D.

And that’s all for now guys! If you have any more questions or just want to say hello, head over to my contact page!